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Micro Precision Mini Digital Camera


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Hi folks.

I was given the above camera as a present but have so far been unable to produce pictures without a red glare/tint to them. The camera is this one: http://www.hard2buy4.co.uk/p_1/xideas_6292.html. I've been unable to find a website that mentions this problem.

I've installed the driver that comes on the CD but even so, all the pictures have a red tint to them.

Have a look at the pictures in this directory: http://www.2312.co.uk/camera so you can see what I mean.

Can anyone offer any suggestions as to how to eliminate this redness. I do have Adobe Photoshop so I'm sure it's possible to sort them using that but I'd prefer to find out why it's happening.

Thanks in advance :)

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