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Messenger + Plus



I installed a new release of this application today.

I did a default install.

I noticed my machine virtually stop after installing it.

I finally rebooted, went back on in safe mode and uninstalled it.

Did a spyware scan, MAN what the hell had the writer of this application done now.

Contained mallware X2 both broswer hijackers including a porn dialer.

So I would add to this, if you do want to install the update be carefull.

I had already removed a lot of the components, I will tell you what my adaware basic found below:

obj[0]=RegKey : Software\WinActive\Basic

obj[1]=RegData : Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search

Another thing I found was it also sticks links to casinos and other sites on desktop.

It also by default sticks a websearch bar on your desktop and tries to change your home page mine by default is about:blank.

I always thought the author of this application was very anty spyware and stuff.

Be carefull when installing.

I am very sure this application stuffed this stuff to me.

NE1 else has a different opinion please post.

Thanks Lee

the milkman

OSNN Junior Addict
i to had the same stuff you mentioned after i had installed the new release but it didnt slow my pc down also it was adaware that found it to
it Contained mallware X2 both broswer hijackers including a porn dialer plus a browser hijacker but no casinos or other web sites
it just shows that not all programs are safe as you think :(


I didn't remember about sponsors.

Still though the last thing you do is bang a porn dialer in the application.

A lot of basic spyware far enough but a porn dialer.
The casino thing and others, were shortcuts placed on desktop to websites.
choose custom installation and then thick the box do not install the sponsor then you have no spyware or porndialers or hijackers or other crap, and i think you allready had the porndialer on your computer because i think patchou not insert such things in his messenger plus !


No spy/malware before install only after. I aint using it again, so I finished with patchous stuff.

Daeron Tinúviel

OSNN Senior Addict
that just happen when u install and u only click, next,next,yes,next without payng attention at what u r doing. doesnt matter if u choose custom or not u are prompted to install or not the sponsor
:) yup your right mate :) but some people never read and click next next next next without paying any attention with what they are doing, and then after they have problems configuration like or other ones, but well its good we have forums ;)
This is a perfect example of how so much seems to happen to some people with their computers. If only they really paid attention to what they did and installed then they might not run into as many problems as they do.

I'm amazed people still haven't learned to read better with the Messenger Plus! installer though. It's not like this issue is new. Every single new release since Patchou added the toolbars and stuff has been hotly debated about being spyware. It's been the same since it started and you've had the option to not install the spyware since the beginning.

Read, people. For the love of God... read.

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