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Messed up shared folders


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The kids at school get a 900 meg network share. We remap their My Documents folder to it and (for the most part) it copies whatever they put in it over to the server without issue. I get emails when they exceed the 900 meg cap and it disables them from copying more crap but often times they aren't actually over.

For example, if I select all the files and folders in this one persons share, then go to properties it shows 20 objects selected, nothing hidden and a total of 450 megs used. If I just try to view the properties on the folder itself it 20 objects in the folder, nothing hidden but shows 899 megs used. So where is the extra 449 megs coming from? The only solution I have is to give the students new shares, copy all their stuff into it and delete the old ones. That works, but it doesn't address the problem of invisible duplicate files. Any idea what is going on here?
What OS?
I would tell GP to move the files rather then copy as that may be causing the issue.
We use redirected my docs here as well but they never get to store it in their profiles default my docs as the GP redirects it from the first use of the account.
(Shameless plug, but honestly its relevant) Also it may be worth posting on www.edugeek.net as its a site for those working in IT in schools.


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