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Memory usage



What are you guys (anybody I guess) getting on your memory usage when running XP and no foregrround apps. I have used the disable paging executive registry setting and I am running coolmon to check my memory usage. I have noticed that even when the PC is idle and I have just started, my memory usage (for physical RAM by the way) seems to be about 25% of my installed RAM.
My laptop has 512 in it and it seems to hover around 130 meg in use and my workstation at home has a gig in it and it tends to sit around 250meg in use.
Does this seem to be typical or is there some other tweaks I might be able to use to free up more short of installing software that is suppose to do this.
well by using the disable paging executive command, you are telling windows to copy that file into ram and not onto a swapfile...so that is a chunk of ram gone right there
Originally posted by DarkSiege
You can use some apps to free up ram. You can get them here :)
Um, most of those apps are made to swap out memory into the page file to free up ram. Isn't that kind of hard without a page file?

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