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Memory speed question



Ok.. I have a question about memory speed. This is my system set up and you guys tell me if upgrading my memory is worth it.. I'm running a Asus P4 533-C Rambus system with a 2.53 GHz P4 chip with the 533 frontside bus. Not overclocked "yet". I have a Gainward GeForce4 Video chip. I have a Sound Blaster Platinum Sound card and a Seagate Cheetah SUSI 36 gig hard-drive that runs at 15k RPM and a 8mb buffer 3.7 MS time. I have fans for everything and the stock P4 Fan which seems to be pretty good, i guess. My memory is PC 800 and 512 meg. The system is fast and there is no start up items but Norton AntiVirus. My question is would it be worth it to go to PC 1066 memory? Also Is overclocking it worth it? I'm a computer speed freak so any and all advise is a big help.
Thanks in Advance all



hardware monkey
to upgrade to pc1066, it's going to cost you at least $200. and you probably won't notice a difference in speed. after all, memory bandwidth actually isn't that critical. i'm still flossin pc133 on this comp i originally built 2 1/2 years ago and have upgraded since. and get 9000 3dmarks.

and since you have a p4, i'd say overclock. they go farther than athlons and heat isn't as much an issue. if you overclock your cpu and video card, you could see a 10-30% increase in speed.

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