Memory\RAM problems.

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    Yo yo guys :)
    I have a problem here. You see, I went out and bought some more ram ddr 512 mb) for my abit bd711.
    I already have 1 gig ram, but thought I needed some more with Vista installed. Anyway, the mortherboard have 3 slots, and is capable of 2 gig ram.
    Now to my problem, I have placed the ram, booted up but it still only shows 1 gig ram? I have tried to use only the new ram I bought, and it is no problem with it. I also fired up CPU-Z, and there it shows that I have 1.5 gig ram, and all 3 slots shows also. Any one have a clue what a poor man can do???

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    Where does it show 1GB? If CPU-Z shows 1.5GB then it's definitely registering somewhere, I assume your BIOS shows the same?
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    It only shows 1.5 in cpu-z. in my BIOS as well as when I right-click "my computer" it only shows 1 gig. I did some searching in the Abit forum, and here's what I found:

    "The third memory slot was to allow people to use older 1 sided memory
    sticks. The Intel chipset only supports 4 "sides". Most large memory
    sticks have memory on both sides (2 sided). So two 2 sided memory
    sticks would have 4 sides and fill up your machine, even though you
    would have one open slot. To help builders out Abit set up slot 2 and
    3 so that they can take one 2 sided memory stick or two 1 sided memory

    As I remember slot one on the MB supports side 1 & 2. Slot two
    supports side 3 & 4 and slot supports 4 & 3. So you can put a single
    sided memory stick in both slot 2 and slot 3 and it will work. But
    you can only put one 2 sided memory stick in slot 2 or 3 (I think 2 is
    prefered) but you can not put a 2 sided stick in both 2 & 3 slots

    Slot one on the MB will support a 1 sided or 2 sided memory stick.

    The BD7II should support 2 gig of memory. So a one gig memory stick
    should do the trick and leave a slot open for expansion, but that
    would be the most expensive solution. If you get two 512K sticks that
    would be cheaper but fill up the usable MB slots. All the 512K memory
    sticks that I know of are 2 sided, so when you fill up your machine
    slot 3 on the MB will be open, but not usable."

    My english aint that great, but I think I know what he means..basiclly that I've fu**ed up and bought ram I cant use...LOL
    Anyway, thanx for listening :D
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    How many of the memory sticks have ram chips on 2 sides?

    If 2 or more have chips on both sides then there is nothing you can do except return the memory.

    If you have 2 sticks with memory chips on just one side you can put those in slots 2 & 3 and the double sided stick in slot 1 and you should see the extra RAM.
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    Yeah, thanx for your answers guys. All 3 have 2 sides, so the mem's already returned. Gonna go for 2 sticks with 1 gig each instead. Thanx again guys :)
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