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MEH! Outlook keeps requesting password over and over and over


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I added an e-mail account from my web site to my Outlook accounts, included the password, and told the stoopid program to remember the stoopid password, but the stoopid program keeps giving me an Enter Network Password pop-up requesting the password over and over and over and over and over again -- in spite of my selecting the option to "save this password to your password list".

Can someone PUH-LEEZ tell me how to fix this? (it's driving me SO crazy!...:dead:)
when you enter the password, does it retrieve the mail for you? if not, then the password is wrong, whether it's wrong on the server side or client side. if it does, then the problem is with outlook. I'd check with whoever handles the server, and verify the password first.


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These sometimes also indicate that your SMTP may require authentication, and that box isn't checked. I would go into the same menu that you used to add the account, and then click the button for "Test Settings". This will do a few things, including Sending and Receiving and also provide which step it may be failing at (or a few of them).

Also, good to see you around ;)


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I receive e-mails for that account just fine. I tried to add SMTP Authentication, and the site doesn't use that. I also went back in and changed the password on my site, then in Outlook. When I run the test, everything but "Log onto mail server (POP3) checks okay. I just keep getting the pop-up request for user name and password over and over and over and over and over......

On the other hand, while fiddling with the site's settings, I did find the option to just have the e-mail forwarded to my regular e-mail address, so I just did that and deleted the account from Outlook. Which means that I can't send e-mails from that account, but at least now the annoying pop-up has gone away. Oh well...

PS...kcnychief: it's nice to be back! Thanks to both of you for your patient guidance, once again.


Not all there...
Maybe you have disabled the service that helps Outlook remind the username/password?
I don't know if or how I may have done that. As it turns out, forwarding the mail has automatically reset the account in Outlook after all, and I'm back to having the annoying pop-up window every 10 seconds, even if I tell it to remember the password or hit cancel.

The only variable that I was unable to confirm was the username. So I wound up deleting and recreating the e-mail account in my web server, and used the new information for login, and I was FINALLY able to complete the entire test sequence. So the annoying pop-up has finally gone away.:laugh:

Thanks again for your help!!!

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