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Medieval Total War issues



Hello. I'm currently playing Medieval Total War (which by the way is a great game and I really recommend it) and during the battle scene, my PC slows down. It's so bad that when I try to click on the units in order to move them, the cursor is very sluggish. I am currently running an AMD system 933mhz with 512mb of SDRAM and my video card is a GeForce 2 MX400 64mb PCI card. With other games my PC works fine. My OS is Windows 2000 Server. Anyone else having similar problems or could recommend a fix? I did get a blue screen of death during gameplay recently. It said something about dumping physical memory.



hey dude, its a sound issue m8,

Make sure sound is set to Medium or Low, as the PCI bus cannot handle all the HIGH quality sounds. i recorded OVER 50 mbs of data going to the PCI sound card while playing in HIGH and that was what caused the MASSIVE slowdown.

Anything below HIGH sound setting is good, also try disabling Hardware accelaration in Dirext x!:)

(Currently, NO computer can run it in HIGH sound settings at the moment because the PCI bus is too slow, and that game is poorly programmed)


Thanks Eddy. The battlefield no longer lags. Now I can win some of these battles!


Posted by houdini25
Thanks Eddy. The battlefield no longer lags. Now I can win some of these battles!
Bit late jumping on this thread, but if you want to win battles I find getting a unit in behind the general and taking him out usually works wonders. His troops morale will be decimated and the weaker ones will flee the battlefield. You should be able to mop up the rest quite easily then.
I won a battle where I was outnumbered by almost 3000 by using this tactic - everytime he sent on reinforcements I shafted his general from behind (cough, cough) and battered the bejeezus out of his rapidly cowering troops
And never use peasants in your army, get rid of them as soon as you possibly can bacause they are pants.:D

Hopethat gives you some help m8

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