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Media kiosk


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I'm looking to build a light weight media kiosk for home. Ideally, it'll be based on some small linux distro such as DSL. It must have the following capabilities:

lite enough to run from a thumb drive
Play MP3's stored on a remote windows box
SlideShow photos stored on a remote windows box (with or without above music playing)
Play videos stored on a remote windows box
Have a web browser

I've looked a few things. Geexbox is so close it hurts. It just doesn't include the browser. There's also no windowing environment to simply add it. Based on some posts in their forums the developer has no intention of adding a browser. Morphine.tv was another but it looks a little heavier than I'd like.

My current candidate is Elisa (http://Felisa.fluendo.com). It runs on top of a distro. I think this one will fit my needs. Are there any others out there that I'm missing? I'm sure there are.


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