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Media Codecs


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There are many topics on many forums and sites about which codec packs should you install, and the debates that go along with it. There was quite a long topic here on this forum as well.

A long while ago I used to use K-Lite Codec pack but always felt like it was bulky and full of crap, and I don't remember what got me to change but for a very long time now I have been using CCCP for my media usage. Recently they have slowed down, even stopped updating the software and I have was having issues playing some of my files. So I have switched to Sharks007 codec pack, but I am unsure how good it is at the moment. I have also tried just using VLC to play my content, among other players and they never are able to play everything.

So now I am about to do a fresh format and install of Windows 7 and I am thinking about just installing the separate codecs that I need.

I want to use Media Player Classic Home Cinema to view my content. What I am wondering is which codecs you NEED to watch basically anything. I am pretty sure FFDShow is one of them, do you need anything more then that? Or is this question more opinion just like the packs? Or is there another codec pack out there someone would recommend?

Similar related question, is there any free blu-ray playing software out there yet? And why is it taking so long for that to happen, was it not much quicker for DVDs?


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The new VLC player builds allow you to play pretty much anything in a single package. You do not need any other components.


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I say players always have issues, and you guys mention a player.

Codecs people, which are needed to play everything? Yes a single program by itself would be nice, but I always run into problems like that. And I want to use MPCHC, because I like it.

Plus yea, KMPlayer looks like winamp, and well I don't want something thats also a music player, video only (I know most players out there do music, but they don't advertise that)


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I am just being my annoying self but KMPlayer makes me feel like I don't need Winamp or Foobar2000 installed for my music (haven't decided which one I want to use) but I like to have a dedicated music player.

And I have become accustom to MPC. And so, since no one is answering my real question. I will just install MPCHC untill I have playback issues, then I will install FFDshow and how that is all that is needed.

Yes I am annoying and picky lol But still is a simple question no? That link does explain in the MPC section, that with MPC and FFDshow you should be fine playing anything, but opinions?

*and KMPlayer being the larger install of 13MB, thats just install size, how much resources does it use to run?


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MPC-HC tripped on me quite a bit.

As for just the codecs, the only ones you really need is the dvix and a codec that will play mkv files. windows seven already have all the ones you need in it .

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