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Medal of Honor War Chest Will NOT Install!


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Hello Everyone, This is my first post. I recently bought MOHAA War Chest and cannot get the thing to install on my Dell. My system is a Dell 2300,P4,with Windows XP. It is 1.8GHZ with 512MB RAM and it has the Extreme 3D graphics. I have installed the latest drivers, Closed all applications, And NOTHING! The first code comes up:Device Timeout- The specified I/O operation was not completed before the time-out period expired, I hit continue and it starts again. Then it tells me it needs to install 8X so I hit yes. The final two codes after about 5 minutes is Medal Of Honor Allied Assault_Code exe-only part of a read process memory or write process memory request was completed.2- The registration number was not correct, Installation cannot continue. Please give me any helpful advise, My own is throw this EA piece of crap in the TRASH! Thanks!


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I doubt that the system has the specs to run the game if it would install. As for the error messages, there are a few reasons you might be getting those.

Bad game disk, maufacturing defect.
CRC errors during read operations.

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