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Medal of Honor Rising Sun

Electronic Punk

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Dunno whether to get this or the T3 game.
And if I do, do I go for the pc version or the xbox version?

Decisions decisions.


I don't think that Rising Sun will be released on PC.

I think Rising Sun is supposed to be the console's answer to the PC expansion - Breakthrough, I'm not totally sure though.

I tried MOH:Frontline on XBOX and I totally hated it, I also have Quake3: Arena on PS2, which was given to me for free by my uncle who was drunk and apparently doesn't like shooting games :p.

I don't like Fps games on consoles because I can't stand the controllers, I can't play properly without the movement of mouse and keyboard!



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It ("Rising Sun") won't be released on PC platform. I said "Pacific Assault" is the next chapter in the MOH series for PC platform (following "Allied Assault"). It is due to be released next November (2004).

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