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mcaffe vs. norton


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i have used norton for a few years now but i have been hearing good things about mcaffe. what do you all use and suggest? i am looking for good detection and removal, of course. speed is also nice.

thanks in advance.


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i am currently testing nav 2003pro and sygate firewall working great so far...but I use ontrack system suite v.4.0. like norton system works but low on the resources. has an av and firewall and the other goodies that come with that kinda suite. give it a go.


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there are plenty of similar thread's if u do a search.

i have alway's used norton because it has never let me down + i like there site more as it is user friendly,e.g if ya get a virus u can find out about it really quick + easy.


I have Mcafee on my work computer and Norton on my home one, and I have to say I much prefer Mcafee. When I first installed Norton it asked if I wanted to register now or later, since I hadn't yet got an internet connection I clicked later. It has never asked me to register again and I can't find any option to do so. It only gives free updates for 90 days, after that you have to pay. I have never had to pay for Mcafee and I've even upgraded the program (which I've been using for over 2 years)


I have always used Norton's and it has never failed me. My neighbor has Macafee and was just telling me how he is really not liking it. Something about how it interrupts what he is doing to check for updates. Might very well be him not knowing how to set it up I really dont know as I have never used it.


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Norton Corporate Antivirus is what I use and its done the job so far. It also doesn't use much system resources and is always scaning the system. I'll also say its on the expensive side bout $600 USD.


Same as Chastity; we're both big spenders. I run it on all of my computers, and I have a server running, which automatically updates it's definitions from the internet weekly, then distributes it to my client machines.

It also has the ability to remotely administer it's functions (you can lock down certain settings so users can't uninstall it or disable it), remotely scan client machines, etc.

It's primarily designed for enterprises or large networks, and it's probably overkill for what average people use, but it works great!

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mcafee and norton failed to recognize viruses that avg detected on my dads box...both these avs were running, because my sister set the box up...neither was payed for yet, but both were current.

I deleted both, and installed avg, for the reasons being it's a ligter program, plus of course, it's free...avg proceeded to identify, quaranteen, and later remove a virus both of the othere avs missed.

I prefer avg for it's size, and if I were forced to pay for an av, I would pay for avg before norton and mcafee

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