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McAfee VirusScan v8.0


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I have the latest McAfee V8.0 and I'm not happy at all. After installation I had the automatic virus update installed in task scheduler and it is set to do an update every five minutes everyday. I followed the procedure to disable the task and stop scheduler but each time I go to do a manual update the task is re-initialized. I contacted McAfee tech help and followed all their suggestions but they did not work. I narrowed down the problem to the Security Center program which is automatically installed along with VirusScan or Firewall.
What is really frustrating is that the default (5 minute everyday) task can't be changed. When you modify it it appears to change but once the task runs or you do a manual update the default comes back.
Also with the new version installation there are six active McAfee programs in task manager. Add in an auto update check every five minutes and it's no wonder a system will function slower than normal.

I am using W98 and W98se as I have tried McAfee on two different computers with the same result.

To top it off McAfee tech help sends me an email saying VirusScan can't be installed without Security Center. Thankyou for contacting the help desk.
I still haven't received the help I need to get this malfunctioning piece of crap to work the way it should.

I had the previous version of VirusScan and was content with how it worked but the liscence expired and I couldn't get any more updates.

I guess I'm sending out a warning to everyone....McAfee v8 could be a dud......

Any one else have problems?


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Mcafee Viruscan 8.0


I just wanted to inform I've been using Mcafee Viruscan 8.0 since June of 2004, and I haven't had any problems with it, Autoupdates is a nice feature for me, and Security center doesn't bother me at all. All in all nice smooth program!!

I'm on WIndows XP Home Edition SP2 with 512mb's of ram, might be why mine is totally smooth program


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running the latest version of any software on win98/se is like trying to run win98 or ME on a 486 machine. verrrryy slow. unless, of course, you have a fast processor.

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