Mcafee Virusscan problems on XP



I'm running 2 users on XP home edition. MC Virusscan version 6.01 with the latest definitions 4.0.4178 runs fine on my settings. However, when my other user logs out of MSOutlook, the error message pops up:

" Unable to open the activity log file c:/...etc Webmail.txt. This file is either write protected or locked by another application.


This happens when no other app is running and just locks on the screen so cant even select RETRY OR CANCEL??

I have had probs with this before and have had to remove virusscan and reinstall about 3 times and am getting a bit fed up. The only solution I can see is to disable virus on Outlook for this users setting (but I know I dont wanna do this!)

any ideas whattsup??


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Does it happen all the time or only when both users are logged on? I have found that if you just switch users there are some applications that have problems when they are being used by two users at the same time. Things seem to work much better if you always log out before a second user logs on.


No this seems to be happening when only the user is using/ logged on (which is making her paranoid, I can tell you!!)

although I have also experienced what you suggest, EasyCD and DirectCD for example dont like being on a 2+ user setting.

My problem seems to be with virusscan not being able to load or finish functioning. It sometimes seems to 'hang' on boot up as well before the system tray icon finished loading properly????


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I dont use Outlook so I cant help you much with it, you might try uninstalling McAfee and then reinstall it as Administrator to see if that helps any. Another option might be to disable the e-mail scanning for Outlook and then setup Outlook so that it will not accept executable e-mail attachments.

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