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McAfee QuickClean and Recycle Bin



Ran the trial version of McAfee Quick Clean, and it came up with a huge amount of data in my recycled bin - which isn't showing up under normal conditions.

It looks like it might be the stuff which I had in my recycle bin at the time of a number of system restore check points (only guessing).

Can anyone shed any light on this - and if so is it ok to remove this stuff or will it screw up my system restore (which by the way I really like. have used it a number of times and it has worked perfectly).

As an aside - this is my first post - XP-erience is my first call of the day when I boot up XP - terrific site - thanks


I'm sorry Hal...
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if it's in the recycle bin then its unlikely to be system restore, that information is kept in a hidden folder.
My guess would be its data you've emptied from the recycle bin but hasn't gone yet (deleted files aren't "gone" until the space they were occupying is overwritten). So Quick Clean can still "see" them when windows can't (more accurately won't) other tools used for undelete can also see them. If this is the case then it should be ok to delete them, or just leave them there, cause they don't actually use any space (again more accurately windows doesn't think they do).

also make sure you have view hidden and system files ticked in folder options, cause you may have deleted dlls and you just can't see them when looking in the recycle bin

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