McAfee 7 & Firewall + Network



I have computer 1 with modem connected to the internet,when i start the firewall (McAfee7 with Firewall) computers 2 & 3 can't connected to the internet.All works great when firewall is turned off.Any help would be
great thanks.

Comp 1= XP pro. Host
Comp 2= XP pro. Client
Comp 3= 98 Client

i would like to get it all going with the firewall on..

War Priest

How are pc 2 n 3 connected.. ICS, HUB, Router?

I assume ICS just by your verbage.
If so, see if there is a function for networking? Since your main pc is now the gateway, you must let Mcafee know that this is the setup you are running so it knows how to handle requests for access..

Let us know if that works.