MBR and/or ntldr and MFT screwed...


The Analog Kid
16 Mar 2002
Well, I went and did something dumb on my recording studio pc (no net connection). I had a 10 GB backup partition that I needed to merge with C:/. So I fired up Partition Magic but that was having issues so I used Paragon Partition Manager.

Applied the changes to merge C and D. Rebooted and the changes where applied and then the dreaded ntldr is missing error message appears. I tried to using recovery console fixmbr and fixboot and neither would work. I can't even read the dir of C: I get an enumeration error. I tried copying ntldr and ntdetect.com to C: and that didn't work either. I tried an repair install but a valid installation is not detected.

I do have an OLD image that I could restore...

Any suggestions?
is an error of the MFT on ntfs systems.... pretty easy fix
in recovery console do
1. chkdsk /r (chkdsk is optional but i recomend you do it first)
2. copy x:/i386/ntldr c:
3. copy x:i386/ntdetect.com c:
4. fixboot
5. fixmbr
6. exit

on lines 2 & 3 x = your cdrom letter
if after that it comes up with a hal.dll missing, then your probably easier doing a repair instal/in place upgrade of windows
None of the above commands work. Chkdsk says there is an unrecoverable error. Copy appears to work but just reboots and hangs again, the Fix commands return an error.

I am almost certain it is a file table problem and not a hardware problem. I do get the hal.dll error when using the boot disc from http://tinyempire.com/notes/ntldrismissing.htm

I can't do a repair install because the original installation is not found

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