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maya personal trial

Perris Calderon

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I don't have time to check the download, but the last time, this was pretty good, except your work had a water mark.

anyway, whoever tries it, let us know how it goes...here's the email I received;

Dear Alias Enthusiast,
We're pleased to announce that Maya Personal Learning Edition 6 is now available for download. Jumpstart the learning process by purchasing the Maya Beginner's
Guide Bundle. This DVD bundle provides you with 5 unique products to help you start discovering the possibilities Maya can open to you including Maya Beginner's Guide: Introduction; Animation; Modeling, Rendering; and Dynamics.

Maya Personal Learning Edition 6 offers:
Almost every feature found in the full commercial version of Maya 6 Complete™ including new character animation technology, Adobe Photoshop integration, enhancements to modeling and dynamics and numerous other features.
The award winning mental ray renderer and the ability to preview vector rendering.
An improved watermark.

To complement your copy of Maya 6 Personal Learning Edition, we have a host of new learning tools geared towards helping you become an expert at using Maya® 6! For more information on specific learning tool promotions currently available, please click on one of the titles below.

Discover Maya® Kit

Learning Maya® 6 Book Suite

Creating Striking Graphics with Maya® and Photoshop®

For other new feature titles brought to you by Alias, please follow link below.


Are you interested in an even shorter learning curve with Maya? Are you looking to make industry contacts and gain that competitive advantage? Check out our new Maya Silver Membership program!

You'll be eligible for the Maya Mentor plug-in, an exceptional interactive learning environment that runs inside Maya Personal Learning Edition. Learning Maya is easier than ever.

Our Maya Silver Membership is available for a fixed monthly cost of $19.99US, or a cost-saving annual subscription fee of $149US.

We have also brought back, by popular demand, the Maya® Productivity Pack that now includes access to our Silver Membership Program for even more value. Act now and get on the fast track to becoming a Maya expert!

Join the Alias User Community here!
The Alias User Community offers an interactive hub that offers tutorials, exceptional 'how-to' projects, movies, and an animated glossary of terms used in 3D computer graphics, Alias style. You'll also find more than 800 free downloads-including data files that you can modify; peer-to-peer discussions; image galleries, and stories. See how blockbuster movies, chart-topping games and ingenious designs were put together using Alias software.


I may actually be insane.
Downloaded the mac version a few weeks ago, spent 5 minutes with it and it confused the crap outta me. Definitely something I need to spend some more time with :)

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