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May Avatars and Signatures - Post Them Here


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I''ve made a few matrix reloaded sigs and an avatar, but I wont use them yet as my webhost is f***ed up right now :)


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Originally posted by spikemic
...and if anyones seen the movie you know where this came from...

:happy: :happy: :confused: :eek:
Err...given all the recent static about sigs and avatars, is this really the best thing to post?:rolleyes: Personally, I think it's fu**ing hysterical but we have a prominent crowd guaranteed to disagree.:happy:
My first try at making an animated GIF, its a bit large though to use as an sig. (199 KB) I probably should have optimzed the images before compiling them, that would have cut down on the size; but now I know for next time. Also the only browser that displays it properly is Opera so far, the text runs by too slowly using IE.



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chaos945: have you tried deleting one frame, skip one, delete again, skip one...? just a thought

i can't make my mind up which of these to use, grid or no grid...help please...or none at all?



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Here is mine for May, not doing any big graphic stuff right now cause i dont got time and i want to do it later...duh

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