Ok, my HD is dieing, I know it is, I can't reboot and expect my computer to work, I need a new HD, my question is Maxtor or IBM.

The current one is an IBM so I'm leaning towards Maxtor anyway.

Basically, I want a Maxtor, but I need atleast 60 GB and I don't have a lot of cash (I refuse to buy Seagate or WD).

Anyway, at newegg an IBM 80 GB 7200 RPM ATA 100 is 96+shipping, which is what I will probably buy.

I don't want ATA 133 as my board doesn't support it and I don't plan to upgrade the board until I build a new system.

What I'm asking is for prices of Maxtor 60-80 GB 7200 RPM ATA 100 hard drives.

Thanks for help.




I'll look into it JJB, you are one of the few that I would take that recommendation from and seriously consider it.


everyone said IBM has got problem with their harddrive.. but I have never had any problem with them.. I use my computer as a server and never had problem. But my computer is in a cool room... probably that's why.. turn on your air-con with you use your PC ...


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If WD isnt a choice for some various reason (price, avalibility at store, etc), get Maxtor. IBM "Deathstars" have a really bad track record. I run WD in 3 of my computers, and they all have worked flawlessly (a 80GB Special Edition, 30GB Caviar, and a 8GB Caviar)



I agree with JJB.

I have had 3 Western Digital HDs (a 10GB, a 20GB and a 120GB) and they are the most reliable drives I have had up to date.

My Maxtor drive (40GB) failed after only 6 months and it failed again after 2 months.


I'd say it's a crapshoot. I've got a Quantum right now, but I've still got a Seagate 4 gig that's lasted since I've had my AMD 486DX4 120. That beast still works. If you're anything like me, you'll get the new drive and something else will fail.


Originally posted by catch23
Quantum = good
Yes sir, although my 10 gig died, (Quantum) it was 3 years old and had suffered many shocks (I dropped it off a desk when I was reinstalling it in my new comp). If you could get your hands on one, I'd go for it. Too bad they don't make em anymore. Did Maxtor or WD buy them out?
I had an IBM and it falled after 6 months, got a replacement and that failed after 7 months. I have a seagate barracuda 10 gig 2 years old and a 40 gig one that's 13 months old no trouble at all.
The 40 gig mk4 is almost silent, cant here it unless you take the lid off


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so from this, you can tell that all hard drives are crap.

I would go with the one that is cheaper, quieter.
Ignore MTBF times, they arent that reliable. As you can see from above.


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IBM 40gig 7200 2mb cache
Mine is 2 yr old & still going strong I paid £98 for it
Bought the same HDD yesterday & paid £59
If I had the money I would go for the cheapest 7200 8mb cache regardless of who makes it.


Go over to and see what they think of IBM drives. They had 5 fail aroung the same time frame. When they approached IBM the reply was "IBM drives are rated for 8 hrs use per day", and not a 24/7 web server. WTF? I have my system on all the time, with no power management. I have owned Fuji's(now supporting SCSI only), Maxtor, and WD. The current 8mb buffer 7200rpm drives are the rock and rollers to look for. There really is no clear BEST, but I sell primarilly WD's and Maxtor's and maybe 1 out of 40 comes back within the first year from both manufactures. They are always quick to replace. Hope this helps.


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Originally posted by MAC
"IBM drives are rated for 8 hrs use per day", and not a 24/7 web server.
I have to say that as IBM is one of the most prolific brands of server hard drives this is almost unbelieveable. Except for the fact that my old IBM had the tendancy to need a complete Low Level Format every 4 months. In the end when the piece o' s... I was almost relieved. I have 2 maxtors now. No problems with either. Also had a WD as well, that one is still fine but locked up in XP occassionally, I think this was down to the ATA100 thing it was on as it was a UDMA-33 drive.


Personally I like the IBM ones.. the are silent and fast... never failed on me.. but I have only been using it for 1 and half year... so.. it might die soon.. but doesn't seem so...


Quote from

"We normally do not cover much hard drive stuff around here, but I saw this Western Digital 1000JB SE 100gb review at Mikhailtech and I thought I would pass it on to you guys. The reason is that after all the IBM headaches and hassles we had around here, replacing 8-10 drives in a 4 month time period, I switched over to these 7200 rpm WD Caviars with 8mb of cache and so far they are great. I grabbed my 100GB drive at Outside Loop and love it."
There is I am sure by sheer numbers many people who love there IBM drives. However, if you look around the net it is clear that they are not a good choice. There have been higher than average reliability problems. Isnt reliability the #1 concern with a hd above speed and noise??? If you buy IBM you roll the dice and take your chances. Sorry to offend all the BUCK A DAY IBM owners out there.


replacing 8-10 drives in a 4 month ?? you are just kidding aren't you?? if that happens, I am sure you can sue IBM... I have a IBM HD for 1 and half year... haven't had any problem... I am not saying that IBM is a good brand for HD Coz I don' t really know... but I don't think they are bad enough to make you replace 8-10 drives in 4 months... or there is something wrong with your mother board that makes them fail... is the voltage ok on your board?? could be something else's wrong... or you are just a spy from Western Digital...
Many people continue to pound IBM HD from the problems they had with a previous model. This isn't so today, the GXP 120 is a new design and is a top-notch HD. Granted, they are not supposed to run 24/7 per IBM recommendation (IBM makes other HD's specifically for the 24/7 application).

I've had my GXP 120 running three weeks non-stop without a problem. Proper case ventalation is key to any hardware component.

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