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Maxtor HD question


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A friend from IRC asked me to post this for him... His english is bit broken but hopefully you'll understand what he's asking :)

[20:54:04] <*****> ok asus nforce2 400 rev 2.0 bios latest bios aswell
[20:54:17] <*****>maxtor sata 250 gig hdd
[20:54:33] <*****> hdd is udma mode 6 ie same as ata 133 apart it got 150MB
[20:54:47] <*****> it is in udma mode 5 same as ata 100
[20:54:50] <*****> :-(
[20:54:58] <*****> ask around plz
[20:55:06] <Jewelzz> i'll post it :)
[20:55:25] <*****> ty
[20:55:36] <Jewelzz> so you want to know why/how to get the udma up to6, right?
[20:55:56] <*****> yes
[20:56:02] <*****> it not same as the ata drives
[20:56:12] <*****> u cant see its setting in windows or bios
[20:56:24] <*****> it got own bios for sata controler


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I have udma 6 (133mhz) drive also. When I run testing software from maxtor it shows up as 133mhz, but the bios will only reconize 100mhz even if the specs state otherwise.
When I was on maxtors site I noticed that you must install a program for any drive over 137gb, that includes xp.



You have to have a motherboard that supports ATA133 transfer rates. I have an ATA133 drive too, but since my mobo only supports upto ATA100, I have to settle for UDMA mode 5.

Gus K

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Don't think I've ever seen a drive that even exceeds the ata66 spec. My Maxtor 80g ata133 drive only manages about 42,000 kbs (less than my WD40g ata100) in Nero's drive test. It seems newer drives are faster due to new technology, not because of any ata specs.

Anyone got a drive pushing 55+?


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Why are you guys talking about ATA133???
Jewelzz buddy has a NForce 2 which supports SATA and even RAID:
The guy wants to enable SATA.
There should be an option somewhere in the BIOS to enable SATA. It should be in the Mobo manual. Else, what type of SATA controller does he have? May have to update the bios just for his SATA controller.

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