Maxtor drive recognition problems


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I have a Maxtor D740X drive, a 6L060J3 to be exact (the 60 gigger). I upgraded from Win 2k to Xp and I had no problems with it in 2k but now i have found that it is randomly recoginzed by Xp. I've been on the phone with Maxtor Tech Support on numerous occasions and nothing has worked. I have the Ultra ATA 100 PCI card and it detects the drive on startup, fdisk detects it correctly and for now i just disable the adapter and then re-enable it in Device Manager but it's an incredibly annoying problem that has led to a very unstable system. If anyone has ANY suggestions they'd be more than welcome

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The drive doesn't always show up in Disk Management due to the irregularity of the recognition. I tried it before but now luck yet....i have it partitioned right now as 3 20 gig partitions, which I did with fdisk. Originally I had formatted it with disk management and yes it is a secondary drive

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The connection is fine (otherwise it would never be detected instead of intermitently) and it doesn't show up in bios anyway as it's connected by the Ultra ATA 100 pci card


Have you still got your motherboard onboard IDE controllers enabled.. try disabling any unsed ones or all of them.

Have you tried using the Intel Application Accelerator from Intel?..assuming you have an Intel system. Or the VIA equivilant ?

Get the latest firmware and driver for the PCI card controller your using.

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I actually have the latest drivers for the Ultra ATA adapter card and i also can't use the application accelerator as i'm running a p2 which isn't an 800-series chipset.

As for the motherboard's onboard IDE controllers, where do I check to see if they are enabled or not? I would assume system BIOS.

I'm just thinking of trashing my old HD altogether and using the 60 gigger exclusively instead of having it as a secondary drive. Installing the operating system onto this drive might clear it up *shrug*

Right now it's just really annoying
The card has 2 channels right (2 devices on each)? Try putting it on its own channel as the master... then as the slave, still by itself. See what you see.

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