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maxthon2 - a good IE browser front end


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I been bouncing back and forth from Firefox to Maxthon for the past week - Of course the new google chrome as well. I have to say that maxthon2 is a great browser front end for IE. It works great, and the features and plugins you can get for it are really cool.

Does anyone else here use it ???

More info can be found here: http://www.maxthon.com/
I have used it in past and its definitely a great browser. Based on IE but tons of features are available. A person who use IE, must use Maxthon instead. :)


Yeah, I used to primarily use Maxthon in the past but for some reason for the past year or so I can't seem to let go of FireFox + adblock + noscript.


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Personally I'm a minimalist - have always gotten along just fine with IE. For awhile when IE6 was still out I used Avant Browser mostly for the tabbed browsing because I browse heavily. IE7 out of the box suits my needs just fine.

I do all my testing of software in virtual machines and absolutely don't load anything on my production boxes without thorough testing first.

But, I have heard good things about IE7 Pro too.


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too many browsers. everyday i see a new browser. maxthon has 164 million downloads. how can not heard of him until now.
Maxthon isn't a browser, perse. It is a front end for IE. It has a lot of extra features in it that IE doesn't have.

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