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****max payne problem


original delboy

Looks like i keep getting probs:mad: i just thought that id play max payne when i got into the game it wasnt just right...the picture was not quite up to scratch what i mean is that it was all like a blur etc...and it was not how it was a few days ago...

even like the intro when u start the game and see the helecopter and the building etc the colour was all messed up kind of thing..its hard to explain but am trying my best!


original delboy

i think i have figured the problem out..i have tried to play the game in 1024*768 resolution and it has been ok no probs but if i go higher in the resolution the colour goes all as i mentioned above...i am setting it at the begining as you when you click on the icon of the start of the game it gives you the options but i can not go higher than that.
I am using a dell inspiron 8100 laptop with plenty of ram etc...what could the cause be to that is it simply that the game will not run above that resolution...can some 1 clarify if they have that game what is the highest resolution they can set there game to...i have a 15" screen on the laptop and the resolution is 1600*1200...hence when i play midtown madness 2 i can play at a much higher resolution...is there a way that i can play at the higher resolution in max payne and will it make any difference in the game to what i am playing 1024*768.

ps what should the settings be set at at the beging of the game where it asks you for the brst performance.


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