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Matrox new video card


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Did anyone other than me read up or heard of this beast matrox is releasing. Credit goes to http://www.nvnews.net/

Well here it is
4 Pipelines

4 TMU's per pipeline

Partial DX9 Support

Pixel/Vertex Shader 2.0

Displacement Mapping

40-bit Color

4 Vertex Shader Pipelines

512-bit 2D Graphics core

256-bit bus

700 MHz DDR Memory (~ 23 GB/sec)


AGP 8x support

80-90 Million transistors

350 MHz.

The 14th of May is believe to be the announcement date

DX9, 40bit color. Could you imagine what Nvidia is brewing:eek:
anything over 32bit in color is a waste...whats the other 8 bit gonna be? another alpha channel? and those specs seem to look almost exactly like the new 3dlabs card that was announced.

Matrox has been out of the market too long with crap to jump back in heheh, I can only imagine their driver problems :)
I think thats cause there are almost no 8x boards out there anyway, so if 3dlabs did a target release of this year 8x would be a waste to incorporate. kinda like how voodoo never bothered to put in AGP sideband Addressing on any of it's AGP cards..and to this day most apps don't even use it heh guess voodoo was right about some things :)


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um yeah I posted a thing a few days back... :)

it IS agp 8x... there are a couple of other 8x AGP GPU's out there I think... this is not the first announcement... yes there is no board in mass production I know off that has th capability to support it now... but in the future...

good for multimedia I would think... for all the movie's CGi and stuff... getting cheaper or something :) its all good... will mean the curretn 128 meg cards should get cheaper...



F@H - Is it in you?
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ati also has some big card in the works btw ...

just wanted to say... that anything over 64 mrgs right now, ati/nvidia/whatever is more than enough to play the best games out there smoothly and with all features turned on... just get a good processor...

on an MSI via chipset mobo with 256 megs of 2100 DDR, 1800+ XP AMD processor and a 64 meg 8500 ATi... I was playing wolfenstein FULL tilt and it didn't even glitch once... smoother than my friends XBox with halo running... it was brilliant... so all those who say yeah get a ti4600 ? will you really notice the extra 5 or 10 fps ?

come on :) so what are you going to do by spending whatever amount of money on a brandnew 256 meg card ?

of course if it is in ti4200-ti4600 price range I will get it :p but not otherwise...

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