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master vs. slave cd/cdr



I currently have my cd, cd burner, and hard drive all on different ide ports (kt7a-raid mb).
All three are set as master.
I can't get nero (sure could not get ez cd) to work.
I have all the patches, aspi, etc.
Give me some ideas about how to link 2 of my devices together and how to set them up.
Is it better to put cd and burner on same ide port, one as mstr and one as slave, or do I slave something off of hard drive.
All help appreciated.
Ps.- my problem is that I can't copy a data cd. Audio cd copy does fine. Any suggestions?


Set your HDD as Master and CDRom-player as slave of the HDD
And set your cd-burner as master on the
2nd ide controller; then all will be fine

In other words:
Set your HDD and CDRom-player on one port
and your burner on a other port
Often people come to me with the same problem and all the time the cdrom-player is configured to be the slave of the burner
That bound to asking for faults, mistakes and even buffer-underruns
Avatar, he actually has 4 open IDE channels.

If you're booting to your raid, then leave your hd on it's own channel on the raid. The burner always needs to be master no matter what you do. Because you have the two addtional regular IDE channels and just the three IDE devices, leave burner and CDrom as masters on the regular IDE channels.

In a two channel environment, I'd go with Avatar's suggestion.

For your burning issues I suggest getting your latest bios, newest 4in1's (mini-port drivers as a last resort), newest aspi layer and make sure you have all the latest windows updates and newest versions of your burning software.


Westy. Thanks for the interest.I have a full 5.564 (I think that is right, but it is the newest on the site) registered version.
Also, I have the adaptec aspi file. I see that nero has an aspi file that does not mention window xp.
Should I use it along with the adaptec version?
All 4in1, bios, and patches are in.
The only thing not updated is the highpoint bios to v. 200919 (I have 1.110402).
I got and installed the newest driver for highpoint but I can't get the bios to work.
I copied files to floppy, booted to dos, but could not get "load exe" to load the new bios.
Lonman, you are evidently familiar with my board. Do I set all 3 device to boot to ata100 in bios? That is the setting I used in win98se with no problems.
Thanks to all who respond(ed)
In the raid set your hard drive to mode 5. On the regular IDE channels, where you should have your burner and CDRom on their own channels, just set it to automatic - don't put either on the raid.

You have to flash your Raid Bios in conjunction with your Main Bios. The flash utility from highpoint is only for their cards. Abit hasn't incorporated the newest hpt bios into it yet (and they'll probably never catch up to them). You can get a modified bios for your board here:


There are pull-down menus on the left of this page so look under the "Abit KT7-Raid Final" and look for "KT764 + hpt20a." On this page download kt764.exe (the same bios you get from abit) and expand it into it's own directory. At the bottom of the page select the epa you want to display at boot up and download that .bin file. You'll need to edit the "runme.bat" file to call the .bin you downloaded. Then just perform a regular flash routine. This will update your hpt bios to v2.0.0919 and leave your Award bios at 64 (with a couple extras).

They have newer, and older hpt bios combos. The one that i struck on for the best performance (measuered by HD Tach) is the 0919 bios (KT764 + hpt20a), and the 1019 highpoint driver.

That link also has a highpoint drivers page too, just look to the right for highpoint if you want to try a newer bios/driver combo - i think those are beta though, so you might want to stick with the finals.

As far as this flashing stuff having anything to do with improving your burning performance, it probably won't affect it one way or another, but you never know.

I have the KT7-Raid motherboard... We use the same flash utility. To verify that just click on the .txt file to make sure your m/b is supported with the flash you pick out. Good luck and keep me posted.


Lonman, spoken like a true "guru"!!
Thanks for the info.
Let me relate the latest development.
About 1 week ago when I started setting up, I got out 1 music cd and 1 data cd to use for test copying.
As in my earlier post, I could copy audio, not data.
The data disk would say " this is not a cd-recordable so I kept changing settings, trying different blank disk, etc.
Just now, totally by accident, I tried a different data disk and it copied!
Put in the one I had been trying and it froze!
the message should have said "this is not a recordable cd".
I have now successfully simulated about 15 burns of data cd with no problems!!
I have all fingers crossed that I am finally on the way!
thanks much.
<<<<<<< Guru??? No way man! I've just broken $hit more then the average Snoopy :p.

Right on, sounds like you tracked it to a bad CD, ain't it the way, lol. Another thing you can try to, for data cds, is to create an image of it on your hard drive first, then burn the image. That usually helps to circumvent IDE transfer issues


Lonman, thanks.
I have my cd on ide 1, my burner on ide 2, and my hd on ide 3(this is the 'raid' ide port). All are set as master.
In bios, advanced bios settings, how should the "first boot device", second boot device, and third boot device be set?
Choices are: floppy, cd, hdd0,hdd1,hdd2,hdd3, ata100raid and ls120(I think)
I currently have all three set at ata100raid.
Set first to floppy, second to ATA100RAID, and third to cdrom. This will look for the bootable sectors on each device in that order. It should never reach the CDRom option, unless you have no bootable floppy in the drive and you've got a freshly formatted drive on your raid.


Hi there Lonman

I agree with the previous speaker.
you must be some sort of guru. hi

No, serious; I can only refer to my system
which is all scsi and I haven't workt with
raid-controllers before.
I'm setting up a server with a HP Kayak
with 2x4,3 gb 10k hdd with adaptec raid=controller & 256 MB ECC Ram
So if I have any questions I know where to go.

Oh, by the way, I got a ip-adres thru
DHCP from mine ISP which is !!
Is that possible??
Can't get on every page ie www.gfi.com

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