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Mandrake 9 ISO probs


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I'm on a linux posting binge!

Anyway. I've downloaded all the Mandrake Iso's and cd2 and 3 burn just fine. Now cd1 is being a %$&*#@! Ive downloaded two different ISO's from two different FTP servers. Everytime Nero trys to burn them all I get is a blank CDR. I extracted the files with WinISO and tried to burn a bootable cd with them but I guess that doesn't work either cause my system tells me "invalid or nonbootable disk" or something to that effect when i try to start up. I have NEVER had this problem with any other ISO's. (I have all the Redhat 8 iso's and they burn fine but I want to try mandrake cause Redhat hates me I think). I really have no idea what to do ... if someone can guide me that would be great.

Try these links..... this is for Mandrake 9.1

Now I have winrar installed on my windows machine ! When I download the files they came up and extracted just like a rar file.... Dont do this, it wont work.... I Just pulled up nero and had it burn the cd from an ISO image file... Worked perfect !!!!!





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