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Mandrake 9.1 RC2



Blah, this thing just ate my post so I'll make this one short.

I am doing a dual boot system with XP and Mandrake.

I install XP first, then Linux.

XP works fine, and Linux only runs the first time you boot it up.

If you log off and restart I get this error while trying to load Mandrake.

localhost login: ldm_validate_partition_tables(): Disk Read Failed
ldm_validate_partition_tables(): Disk Read Failed
ldm_validate_partition_tables(): Disk Read Failed

It's strange because Mandrake works fine the first time I use it. Just after I restart it goes bad. I am new to linux so I don't know what to do. Windows still works fine ( or it was working fine untill 30 sec ago when I lost internet completly )

But I boot through lilo to linux/xp.

Durring boot up, I also see some stuff about modprobe, and insmod failing.

Any Ideas ?


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It looks like it cant read your harddrives partition tables or file tables.

And all the other stuff doesnt say much to me, but i think your install of Mandrake is corrupt.


I seem to have gotten it working.

I get those same errors, but it loads now for some reason.

I just went back to my old Bios revision. But now my screen is messed up when i first log in , and i have to log out and back in to make the *glitch* go away.

I am gonna try 9.0 instead of this beta to see how it works out.

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