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MAJOR IE slow down. . .


After my first major problem w/ XP, I had to do a repair installation. As a result, I had to reinstall / reconfigure my Linksys Wireless setup. Now, after I first did all this. . .everything worked fine. Then, it didn't work after a reboot and I had to uninstall the drivers, etc. and reinstall the wireless configuration. Then, everything worked fine. Still, the connection is fine too. However, IE is loading pages very slow. It is not the connection b/c Netscape loads pages super fast as it should (I have DSL).

So, I was checking the settings of IE. When I click on the Connections tab in Internet Options, the tab hesitates for a couple seconds before it loads (never done that before). When I check on Add, this error pops up:

Cannot Load Remote Access Connection Management service.

Error 711: A configuration error on this computer is preventing this connection. For further assitance, etc.

Any ideas???



Well, the slow down in loading pages is gone after a few downloads from Microsoft. However, the Connections tab still loads up and the error still occurs. Any ideas?

thanks again


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