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Major HL2 Problem


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I just got Halflife 2 for christmas. I installed it, and loaded all the steam stuff and everything was set up. I went to play Halflife, and it loaded went into the game, but without any sound. I dunno, i tryed everything and nothing worked. So I installed my new sound card (also got for christmas) which is Soundblaster Audigy 2 and then the sound was working for Halflife. It worked but it seemed that the game was skipping and having problems. After that I didn't play it untill today. I tryed playing it today and all it does is go to the Valve intro, then to a black screen and right back to the desktop......

I do not understand what is wrong with it?? Any suggestions, help...p



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I forgot to add that Counter Strike Source works perfactly and everything. I have had not one problem with that. I hate it when I have problems that don't make sence!!!!


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trying putting the sound card in the slot below your gfx card, i heard creative cards might cause problems if they are under the third pci slot. And update drivers...chipset as well


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wasn't one of their latest updates supposed to fix the sound stuttering? and about the crashing, can't think of anything offhand that would cause that.


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Well I don't know, wouldn't steam tell me. I checked steam and there is no update or anything for it.


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I just found the steam webpage that talks about the problems people are having. It says to validate your Halflife 2 files, and CS, and HL2 Source. So I have done that, and once I get a chance to play it. I'll let ya know if it worked.

ps..they havent fixed the sound skipping in gameplay yet....link :here


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With the Steam client installed it should automatically update all Steam content when you are on the internet and Steam is active.


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Yes, but this Validation thing they have, is not an automatic update because not every Halflife 2 owner is having the problem. That's the difference.


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Ok, I just did the valadation thing and restarted my computer. I loaded HL2 and everything works find, except for the sound/video skipping once in awhile. Which they havent fixed yet. Thanks everybody!

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Bman™ said:
I loaded HL2 and everything works find, except for the sound/video skipping once in awhile. Which they havent fixed yet.
Sound issue has been already been addressed in the last update.

What your problem may be is when the game autosaves.
Open the console and type: sv_autosave 0

Then see if the stutter goes away but the game will not save on it's own with autosave set to 0 so just push F6 when you are at a place you want to save. F9 loads the save.


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you'll probaby find you hve your settings to hig, turn them down and try again, also tru installing the newest drivers for the soundcard.

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