Major Display issue in IE


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25 Jan 2003
Top link does not flicker, bottom link the scrolling text flickers on my laptop. Have not checked in the desktop.

It could be a server bandwidth issue. Or you may have the update rate set too low (or too high and the receiving PC can't keep up.)

If it do the same in FF then I'd say coding or sevrer issue? If just in i.e. then it's a MS feature. Try tweaking the scroll rate. I'll go check FF quick.

Update - exact same in FF. If the scrolling text was the issue try slowing the update rate. Or you may need to change the code. Sometimes built in functions are slow and need to be rewritten. I uts had to switch from a comiler formatted text read function to one I wrote myself speed increased by 3 times.


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4 Jun 2005
Our work computers use IE6 and both websites work completely fine, even on the scrolling stuff.

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