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Major Computer Slowdown plz help



ok i dunno what to classify this as but ... i got a major problem

with my computer. Ok it was working fine but now it decided to

take years (literaly) to load apps. XP Pro worked fine for me and

then decided to die out. My problem is that the computer is using

100% of the CPU (I Have 800MHZ Celeron 128SDRAM) which

shouldnt be doing that. my computer is good enuff to run XP and i

use it just for programming so i dont need a high power PC ... i

got only 2 proccesses using CPU power SVCHOST.EXE System using 38-57% of the CPU and Isass.exe using 57-78% of the CPU

somethign is very wrong.. this should be .. and if i close the SVCHOST.EXE the Isass uses 0% CPU

but the system idle process uses 90-99% of my CPU when SVCHOST is closed ... my computer is deadlocked ... i cannot do anything with it ... i cant even load the Windows Calculator

Windows tells me that all my programs are not respoding because they are taking too long to load ... some1 plz help me with this problem
system idle process will always use whatever part of your cpu is not being used. 99% or so of your CPU..it is the process that runs when no other processes are running. this is the way it always is so that the process usage amt always = 100%.

Does the svchost and isass process ever go down if you let it sit running? the reason your programs aren't opening after you close them is because svchost is a process that handles other processes..if you kill it you kill everything that depends on it (which is alot)

have you recently changed any services or installed anything out of the ordinary


Serious Problem Plz help

no i didnt touchmy computer ... i just turned it on and boom it decided to act up ... i have no idea what happened ... its seriously pissing me off .... the computer cant do anything with the svchost on it takes up all the cpu power and the isass cant be closed i know that because its a vital system ... but the svchost stays like that even after 30 mins of inactivity ... it just goes crazy on my cpu i have no idea what its loading .... both my HD's are clean .... i am begining t think it is a problem with some drivers that xp isnt co-operating with ... do u know exactly what the svchost.exe controls ... because i am using FASTRAK ATA 100 on one of my harddrives (its a 5400) its a 6.6 gig HD and its the slave my primary HD is a 7200 and its 3.2 gigs (thats the oen with XP ) its only got 1 gig left of empty space but i think thats more then enuff to run XP and if its not i dunno whats microsoft thining
Svchost controls ALOT..it controls services starting and running, access, and even some dll loading.

open your run prompt at type msconifg and check to see whathings are loading at startup, disable anything that might look suspicious..then goto your service list and see if you see anything running thayou don't think should be


ok i dont really see anything suspicious ... i have 3dfx laoding ms office update -s setup and mobsync.exe ... could my problem be related to the 3dfx drivers not working with winxp ... since they are 3rd party software


SVCHOST problems

i narrowed it down in the msconfig ... tehre is a serious problem with one of the microsoft services i have all my network services clicked plus the madatory 1s .... teh rest are off .... i know that 1 of those is not working properly (atleast 1) .... one thing ... does any1 know what microsoft services in the msconfig (startup controlers) are exactly controlled by the SVCHOST SYSTEM and the Isass.exe

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