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Maintenance Routine

I mentioned my rollout for new builds on the "Our Favourite Tweaks" thread. But with the current maturity of this program I thought it deserved it's own thread for support.

The link provided is a public release and is only intended to be an example of what the Routine is capable of. Due to licensing I have removed a couple of choice applications normallly in my routine, such as RegCure. But I have left in all the freeware applications such as CCleaner, spywareblaster, SpybotSD, etc. No changes have been made to these applications and they are up-to-date as of May. 8, 2008.

Due to licensing I doubt it is exactly legal to post with these 3rd party programs included but as I have said they are included only to showcase the capability of the Routine. If there are complaints the post will be modified immediately.

I would recommend only farily technical persons try out the routine in this state, as many of the optimizations are not reversable. So if you don't like the way I do it, unless you know how you won't be able to reverse the change.

The posted ZIP is quite large. 30MB. This is because I have included the mentioned 3rd party applications to make it easier for everyone to try it out as I use it. The routine by itself is only about 256KB. If it turns out to be poplular I will find a real host and only link to these 3rd parties.

I've developed the Maintenance Routine for a previous employer to:
1.) Perform tweaks & optimizations on VISTA & XP systems
2.) Perform basic maintenance & cleanup
3.) Be usable for only semi-technical personel
4.) Reduce the time it takes to perform operations manually.
5.) Prepare systems for further maintenance. Virus cleaning. Spyware cleaning. Optimizes every ounce of processing power out of older systems.
6.) Eliminate common issues quickly. The routine includes fixes for common odd ball issues and applies them automatically whether the issue is present or not.
7.) Prep newly built computers & optimize them for performance.

Features Include:
- Customizable. Install any program into the local "program files" directory and modify config.ini with the name of the exe you want to run. The routine is smart enough to find the exe itself, only the name of the exe is necessary.

- Preconfigure registry information of applications using "preconfg", just copy reg files into preconfig's directory and they will be run at the beginning of the routine.

- Sysprep. Using a predefined whitelist sysprep will kill any applications running in the background not defined in the list

- ScriptALL. Choose a operatiing system and copy in all your favourite cmd scripts and registry tweaks. They will all be run sequentially during the routine.

- Unlike previous versions of the Maintenance Routine this one no longer relies on 3rd party code or applications to run. (my initial version used pskill and an elevation script to run in Vista)

Known Issues:
- "Maintenance Routine.exe" should be run with administrator privleges in Vista to function correctly. Although depending on your UAC settings the script may run file under basic users.

- The routine does not cleanup after itself. Registry changes made by preconfig or by applications in the routine are not removed after they have been applied.

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