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Magnetic Data Technologies HD?


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Has anyone used any of their hard drives? I just acquired two 80GB 7200rpm ATA-100 drives to give to my sons & grandkids, but don't want to if there no good. Model NO: MDMV04-800. Any opinion would be great. Please email me any comments about these (dick4711@mchsi.com). Thanks very much.


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"Handy Buddy"----They were free. Any idea of a good test program that I could run on these drives? Would Sandra do a good enough test to run, before I give them to the kids? The download install tool prep software from their site is Western Digital tools! The kids will probably just install games and MP3's on these drive. No critical data!


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MDT Hard Drives

FYI: I have fould out that the MDT hard drives are "REPAIRED" Western Digital drives, and then sold under the MDT label with NO &$%@*&@ WARRANTY! Makes you want to buy a bunch??
Sounds like you're safe enough, then. If you're getting them for free, I think you got a great deal! Have fun with them :)

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