Magnavox tv/vcr automatically shuts off when turned on


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Hey guys,
I was at my brothers apartment and he has this ****ty old magnavox tube tv/vcr combo, and after a power surge the thing shuts off automatically, and displays slp 00.00.00 on the screen.

Any help?


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It's supposed to do that. It's telling him the VCR setup info and clock got wiped. They will have some hold up time to cover small power events but each one will be different. Some can only last through a fraction of a second others I have will retain data for 5 minutes.

I had to reset one of mine 5 times last weekend cause the power kept going down.

Live with it, replace it or pay big bucks for a battery backup unit / UPS. IF it's a big CRT/VCR then the UPS to support it will be pricey.


Mr. Bananagrabber
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thanks man, the problem was that it was shutting itself off.

I told him to stick a tape in there and just leave it there, and for some reason it worked.


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