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Magic - The Boss AKA Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band


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Just wanted to write a short review.

I'm on my second listen now, the first listen was a distracted mess of boss interuptions.

The second is more of a concerted effort to understand what it is he is singing about... still to distracted by the sax, the great drum work and the chorus of singing.

A few of the songs are upbeat, but most talk of the blue collar life....

I guess i relate to it, as we struggled a lot growing up with a single working father, and a lot of the songs bruce sings about sound so familiar because of this.

This album is no different, he talks of loss, of internal confusion and strife.

I wasn't a great fan of "The Rising", its grown on me since, but this album sounds like a Springsteen/E Street album, like no other has in a long time.

I may add a song by song later, but right now i favorite song is "Gypsy Biker", he actually uses horns on this album.:laugh:


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Looking forward to listening to this one. I actually loved "The Rising" and have hoped for another Bruce + E Street collaboration. I'm going to make it a point of trying to get tickets to this tour -- who knows how many more times he'll be out on the road?

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