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Made a horrible mistake! PLEASE HELP ME!



Here is what happened:

I was in winamp, and selected all of my 700 music files, in the winamp file browser, as I usually do, to play the songs in winamp. Then, when the songs where still selected, I noticed one song having an incorrect title, so I hit rename. And it renamed EACH SONG to that new name....yes there was an error message when I did that...but the program froze! And I had to end task. So NOW, I have 700 songs with the same name.

Please help me fix!! :(


Just the names....it was a POD song that was renamed, so now I have, (as file names),

POD - BOOM (1).mp3
POD - BOOM (2).mp3

and so on...


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Good song, I can't think of a quick way to change them back, all I can think of is looking at the ID3 tags to figure out what song it is and then renaming it, but that will take an extremely long time for 700 songs.
Pray that someone has a better solution:D
get mp3 media studio... do a search for it, i'm not sure where it's at.... but you can use it to view the id3 tags... if that didn't mess them up.... and rename your files using the id3 tags... very easy to do.. i use to edit the tags all the time for my mp3 car deck.
Good luck


HAHAHAHAHA....what hell a two second misake has caused me. Anyone who likes alternative/rock want to send me their music? I've got a healthy connection speed......


Damn I know the feeling i lost over 4500 mp3's a last summer when my drive died and everythign was renamed to .chk files


knowing what files you lost and doing a clean restore and losing everything is alot like losing a love done i think... makes me wanna cry!


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i think think thats a major bug

winamp should have had bug testers to prevent this

i'd be so pissed if my tunes were named

1.mp3 -

your id3 tags should be intact but i would not fix every 700 of them

burn them to disc and hit shuffle play

sorry for the useless info

i'll hit shuffle now


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That is a great program but you will need to buy it to be able to fix all 700 mp3 files. But it is money well spent if you do nuy Tag and Rename

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:D ha i looked at all the views on this thread over 250 people have viewed it they just wanna see how badly you ****ed summin up but spose its only human nature :D


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Posted by XP Abuser
:D ha i looked at all the views on this thread over 250 people have viewed it they just wanna see how badly you ****ed summin up but spose its only human nature :D
Heh heh ! You got that right ! Classic ! 700 songs too :D *sorry*
Sadly enough, I did the same thing once, with about 500 MP3s. Luckily, I had just backed all of them up about 2 weeks earlier. Only had to re-download like 20 more to get my collection back where it was. =D
don't some programs rip music CDs and then those programs re-name them for you ( from tags)?
if there is a program like what I said then burn the 700 :D and then rip them off :D


Let me tell ya, the best mp3 management program out there is Tag & Rename. It will allow you to open all of the files and IF the are properly tagged (either ID3v1 or ID3v2) the program will rename all of your files based on the tags and your selections.

For example, you only want the file names to appear as "Artist - Title", you select the files to rename and which tag to base the changes on and for every file you select it will change the file name to "Artist - Title". Simple.

Problem is, if the files are not properly tagged, its of little use. For complete albums it does have the CDDB option. O yeah, it also does WinAMP tags.


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