Macworld San Francisco 2006 Coverage


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Here we go...

Major news will be bold.

10:42 am MWSF '06 is over.
10:41 am Thanks to Intel. People walk out on stage. Applause.
10:40 am One more Intel ad.
10:38 am MacBook Pro available in February. $1999 1.67GHz Core Duo, 667 DDR bus, x1600. $2499 for the 1.83GHz.
10:33 am MacBook Pro demo. IR sensor. Apple remote. New magnetic power adapter
10:32 am MacBook Pro -- thinner than the 17" -- 15.4 inch bright LCD -- iSight camera.
10:30 am MacBook Pro -- new laptop computer. No more PowerBook. Intel Duo Core. 4-5x faster.
10:29 am One More Thing..."
10:28 am Showing new ad - "Intel chip will be set free."
10:27 am All products will be transitioning through the end of the year.
10:26 am New iMac shipping today.
10:24 am Demo of Office on Rosetta. Photoshop on Rosetta.
10:23 am Microsoft commits to shipping Office for Mac for minimum of 5 more years.
10:21 am Microsoft is working on universal binaries for Office and Messenger.
10:20 am Rosetta on iMac. Office runs great on Rosetta.
10:18 am Pro apps will be universal in March. If you have the latest version, you can trade your disc for a universal disc for $49.
10:17 am OS X 10.4.4 is entirely native on the Intel. All the applications included are universal and native on Intel (includes iLife '06 and iWork '06).
10:16 am Showing benchmarks. Overal 2-3x faster.
10:13 am The iMac is the same price. What's different? Intel processor -- 2-3x faster than the G5. Intel Core Duo.
10:11 am First Mac with Intel processor today -- the iMac.
10:10 am Intel is ready. Apple is ready, too.
10:09 am Intel bunny suit guy walks out...
10:08 am "Let's talk about systems"
10:06 am iWork '06 -- $79.
10:05 am 6 iLife apps now. Same price -- $79. Available today. Bundled free on new Macs.
9:57 am iWeb Demo. Slideshow viewer uses AJAX technology.
9:55 am iWeb publishes to .Mac. Uses Apple templates.
9:54 am New iApp -- iWeb. Share photos, movies, music, blogs, content.
9:52 am New Jampack -- World Music.
9:49 am Garageband with Podcast studio demo.
9:48 am Garageband. New podcast studio. Podcast artwork track. Over 200 free jingles and effects. Speech enhancer. Use iChat for remote interviews.
9:45 am iDVD is up. Widescreen menus. Magic iDVD -- new. Vastly improved slideshows. 3rd-party DVD burners supported.
9:42 am iMovie Demo. Can open more than one project at once, real-time effects in titles, export to iPod and creat Podcasts. Overall looks much improved.
9:41 am On to iMovie... HD last year. Animated themes for movies, real-time effects, new audio tools.
9:37 am Now on to Photocasting. Demo.
9:33 am iPhoto Demo. Scrolling through photos displays a gray box in the middle with the month. 1-click effects. Showing cards and calendars -- how to make a birthday card.
9:33 am Must be a member of .Mac to publish. Must use RSS to subscribe to receive the photos.
9:31 am Photos posted to .Mac. Password protected. Others can subscribe to them.
9:30 am New Today -- Photocasting. Podcasting for photos -- share photos over the internet.
9:29 am One click effects. sepia, black and white. all new cards, calendars and books to make and purchase. hard and softcover books quality is better. now calendars can be made with photos.
9:28 am Music, Movies, Photos, Blogs. Giant release. New iPhoto Update with better speed. 25k photos up to 250k in Library. Scrolls smothly. Full-screen editing.
9:27 am Now to iLife '06... picture of box with roll of film on it.
9:25 am OS X 10.4.4 today. New widgets released -- ESPN, Address Book, Calendar, Google...
9:24 am Now talking about widgets -- there are over 1500.
Video for Aperture.
Reviewing/recapping Aperture. Demo.
Now to the Mac, which is what the rest of the keynote is about
New iPod ad.
Discussing iPod Dodge Jeep integration
9:17 am New iPod accessory -- a remote control with FM tuner -- $49
9:16 am Demo of SNL content. blues brothers, coneheads etc...
9:15 am New Saturday Night Live content going up today.
9:14 am showing Bowl Games demo
9:13 am Television show sales doing well. 8 million sold since Oct 12th. Added bowl games.
9:12 am 850 million songs sold. 3 million songs a day are being sold. Over 1 billion songs per year rate. 83% market share.
9:12 am Now on to iTunes...
9:12 am 42 million total iPods sold since the it was first released. 32 million in 2005.
9:11 am Over 100 sold every minute through the quarter.
9:11 am 4.5 milliion sold during holiday 2004, for 2005 holiday sold 14 million
9:10 am "best music players in the world"
9:10 am Total revenues 5.7 billion total. Now let's talk about the iPod
9:09 am Retail stores had their first $1 billion quarter this past quarter
9:08 am 135 Shops around the world. 26 million visitors during holiday quarter.
9:08 am Retail Update.
9:07 am Steve Jobs on stage now
9:07 am Audience clapping, lights dimming
9:05 am "Program about to begin"
9:01 am Please turn off your cell phones...
8:55 am People are taking their seats....
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First impression:

No iBook updates!!! ARGHHH!!!

I can't afford (and don't need) a MacBook Pro. :s
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The keynote is up on now, but the server is getting slammed. Hopefully others will save it and host it elsewhere.


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nooo, MacBook Pro, god I hope the iBooks dont get renamed MacBooks

tbh though it wasnt that impresssive a keynote. The last one was really cool, this one is slightly less inspiring.


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Geffy said:
nooo, MacBook Pro, god I hope the iBooks dont get renamed MacBooks

tbh though it wasnt that impresssive a keynote. The last one was really cool, this one is slightly less inspiring.
Too many demo's, not enough new products to drool over.


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I think Apple definitely took it down a notch this year compared to last year. Last year showed innovation, this year showed a hardware change that we knew was coming anyway.

I thought 2006 would be "the year of the media Mac" ... or something along those lines. I guess Apple just isn't ready yet.

Last year, MWSF seemed more geared to the average consumer. This year wasn't the same. How many average consumers can afford, or need, a MacBook Pro? I was caught totally off-guard when Apple introduced an Intel-based Pro machine yesterday. I can understand that an upgraded iBook would have out-performed a G4 PowerBook, but at least give us both laptops and not just the pro version!

Last year the Mac Mini made the "switch" more appealing to PC users. What did Apple do yesterday to encourage switching even more? The average computer user doesn't care what kind of processor is in the computer, so long as it's fast.


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Anywhere I can download the keynote address, the stream is just not working for me, not on my mac and not on my PC. I assume the stream is busy, having troubles connecting etc.

So if anyone has a rip, cheers.

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