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i have a pc im using as storage and htpc which is storing a few apps and some tv shows, now i can afford to lose whats on there as i back up most of what i want to keep to dvd and external 500gb usb drive.

Is there are difference between the two systems as they appear to do the same thing just in a different way
LVM will let you dynamically resize volumes on the fly. Raid 0 lets you increase a volume by the size of the disk you add. It also is the fastest way to loose all data if it dies, so don't keep vital data on it :)
suggest another way i can use 2x500gb hdds - mirror is not really an option because when recording tv its going to fill up the drive quick
cannibalise the 500gb drive out of the USB thing?
that's for backup in case any of the other drives snuff it, plus its brand new and in a rather sturdy housing

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