ltmdmnt.sys causes memory dump


My PC keeps suffering from memory dump problems, the dreaded blue screen. The file that appears to be causing the drama is ltmdmnt.sys, which i assume is a modem driver. my system can stay up for ages then suddenly and always while connected to 'net it blue screens and begins mem dump with the ltmdmnt file being given as a cause. I've updated modem drivers etc but no joy, problem is still there. Does any one have any ideas.
yes I'm using the latest driver from manufacturer.

The problem occured with xp driver as well as I tried that to see if it would work
I did a search for that error message, seems a lot of people with that modem have the same problem, as far as I found there is no solution, sorry I couldn't help you, good luck m8:D
don't have model number etc with me at moment, i'm at work with my laptop, will post when i get home and can give exact model etc. but is internal Wintel i think

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