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lotus notes stationery location

To create stationery
1. Open your mail.
2. Create a message whose format and recipient list you want to use again.
3. Click Tools and choose "Save as Stationery."
4. Type a name for the stationery and click OK. Notes saves the message in the Stationery folder of your mail database.

To add a graphic to your letterhead or signature using stationery
1. Open your mail.
2. Open your Stationery view, click New Stationery and choose "Personal Stationery."
3. For letterhead, insert your graphic in the first bracket under Header; for your signature, insert your graphic in the bracket underneath the red bracket (it has a line above it).
4. Click Save and title your stationery.

To create a message using stationery
1. Open your mail.
2. Click Tools and choose New Memo - Using Stationery.
3. Select the stationery you want to use and click OK.

To manage stationery
You can edit, rename, or delete stationery that you've created.
1. Open the Stationery folder and select the stationery.
2. Do one of the following:
the sad thing is I know all the keyboard shortcuts to do everything quickly :-\

Alt+1 = New Memo
Alt+2 = Reply
Alt+3 = Forward
Alt+W then 2 = second tab and so on...
Alt + F then A = attach
F9 - Refresh
Insert - Switches highlighted email between read and not read

I feel so dirty :(
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Just for info, noticed a guest looking at this.

In the newer versions of Notes, every shortcut is shifted along to thr right (or up if you like) because of the Lotus Notes hyperlink button.

So New Memo is ALT+2
Reply is ALT+3, then down to your desired option :)
Notes isnt all that bad. Apparently Notes is a more secure option over Outlook in a large Commercial environment. Not entirely sure how true this is however.


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I've been using Notes for 8-9 months now at my new gig. I will always prefer Outlook and Exchage, but Notes is starting to grow on me a bit. Although it's been thought about, we will never make the transition. Company has been using it for EVER, and we have sooooo many Databases/Teamrooms that would still need to be accessed and supported. Not financially worth it, and although it pains me to say it is more secure.

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