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Lost PCI BUS driver (have I really?)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Posted this on another forum a day or two back - no real answer there so thought I'd try you NTFS guys (you seem to be as clued up as it gets!)...

Replaced noisy 6 year old PSU in my PII Win 98 machine - turned on again - it says it's found new hardware and searching for drivers for... The PCI Bus! Also has the yellow danger on the USB when I look at system.

Not going into it further right now - but suspicion is I either can pick them up from the Win98 CD or (oh no not AGAIN) will have to re-install Win98 (thank goodness I have two hard drives on THAT machine!)

Anyone else ever had this?

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
What's the new harware it is picking up? If it is something you know nothing of go to the device manager right click on it & disable it, reboot.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
It's not a new device....

It's the PCI BUS! What this means is I cannot get at any PCI cards on the machine - the one I need is the modem! (it's my back-up net access on dial up downstairs)

I just spent a half hour searching all my CD's - none have this driver.... so now do I reinstall Win98?


viking lost down under
Hi m8

When you got your m/b, it had a cd that came with it. On this cd are the drivers for the motherboard, this includes pci & usb. All you have to do is re-install the drivers. If you haven't got the cd, then all you have to do is go to the m/b manufacturers website and d/l the latest drivers for your board. I just re-installed win98 because of a new p4 board and I had nightmares with it. I installed it 4 times, and 3 of these I could only get 16 colours. On the last time I installed a 3/4 gb ramdrive before I started and got my 32bit colour. It would have crashed at least 10 times during the install, and it wasn't until I loaded Nortons Utilities that It suddenly found the rest of the drivers that it needed to complete the job. I have now burnt it to an image as I do not want to go through that b/s again.

have fun, ejm


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Yeah Viking - I know what I am aiming to do and I do have such CD's, but despite about an hour searching have NOT found the PCI driver! I know it is there somewhere because the clean installs I have done had it! No idea why it got lost either! Machine is clean and works in all other respects - just cannot access the modem as it's on the PCI...

I think burning that CD was a smart move! (No writer on my machine tho' :( )


viking lost down under
Hi MainframeGuy
Usually the drivers are executed or selected when you run the setup program on the cd.



viking lost down under
Forgot to say that if you still are using the old win98 and haven't re-installed it, go to the device manager and re-install from there. If win98 can't find them, then say you have the disk and when it searches it comes up with a window saying "can't find so and so file" click button on right to find out where it is supposed to come from and where it is supposed to go. It will say where it is supposed to go, then just type in that directory. Do this until it has been re-installed.
The main directories are:


I hope this helps you.


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