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lost password to logon for XP Pro? help!



I have two computers, and on my other PC which is a Dell, I am not able to logon because I have forgotten my password. This is for XP Pro now. My friend has this problem awhile back and he had to take it to a PC Repair shop. How can I get the password?
Is the instructions different for both Pro and Home?


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i dont know if its actually possible to say the answer cuz you cant prove to anyone that the computer is actually yours....
however, i know a way which is possible.....
i wont say it directly, youll have to look for it just in case i get in trouble
i remember reading an article about getting admin power using a win2k cd or something like that....

hope it helps

Gus K

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Try booting off you XP disc and you should be able to get to repair/recovery console. Seems to be some sort of flaw in XP that would enable anyone to get to your info with any XP disc.
for the youngens at home, atleast some moms arent looking at that webpage, so you can still protect your porn from mommys eyes! :D

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