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Lost my Help and Support File



Heaven knows, how I lost this darn folder from my system. I cannot seem to open this folder from the start menu, it is disappeared, gone, vanished. Could someone please refresh my muddled mind? I know there is something I could do by myself, I do not wish to take the easy way, neither do I want to reformat. May be something is missing here. Kindly post a reply. Thanks !


if it is just the link on the start menu that is missing, right-click on Start, choose Properties. Then click Customize, and then click on the Advanced tab. Scroll down, and you should see a check box for Help and Support. Make sure it is checked. If it is, and the link is still not showing in the Start Menu, write back and we'll see what we can do.


Ref: Help and Support

No it was'nt that, I had tried 'Easy Cleaner' and that was the culprit. Also perhaps I had set my page file to zero, since I had over 512MB of RAM and that may be one of the reasons I could not access the particular file. I read in another forum about a similar incident of someone using the 'Easy Cleaner' and lost a few settings and files. Beware! do not use this software, as I learnt it the hard way. I had to do a repair in order to get back my lost files.


Easy Cleaner

It's a bloody software that bloody screws up your computer. don't use it. It is supposed to clean the registry, I made a mistake in using it. Instead use what I have been using all along (http://www.jv16.org) a regcleaner that does a marvellous job on XP.


I use Easy Cleaner and also had the same problem.

After repairing, I simply enter "Help" in the skip box when using Easy Cleaner and it works great!!
If you have System Restore active... restore back to a date before you used the program. Hopefully it didn't ax your system recovery too.


problem solved for you

Ok, I got a little Javascript off a site (can't remember where) that restores the problem caused by EasyCleaner. Mail me at *removethis*jg26@iname.com and I'll mail it to you.

When you get it fixed, put pchealth in the skip box at the top of the screen and it won't happen again!!!

PS. I tried to attach the file here, but it won't accept the extention type - mail me.


PS. EasyCleaner is a great reg cleaner, and this is the only prob it causes with XP. I highly recommend it and have been using it from Win95 to XP

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