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!!! Lost Control Of Paging File Settings !!!




Symptoms are:

pagefile (pagefile.sys) never gets created nomatter on which disk or paging file settings (custom, auto). Control panel of Paging File seems to operate normaly but on boot XP pops up a message about non existing or too small page file and proceeding to a temporary page file creation.

The symptoms are exactly as described here : [B]http://support.microsoft.com/defaul...kb;[LN];Q315270[/B] but the solution given there hasnt worked for me.....

have been trying for many days to solve it (even reinstalled -repair XP twice) with no result ....

The incident appeared first time after i removed a D:\ drive from my system (it had page file in it) and put in its place a new bigger one with a simple copy of the contents of the previous smaller drive

Its more than urgent to fix this. have lost mamy days without been able to work trying to fix this and nothing worked have seacrhed everywhere i could think of in internet.

notes :
chipset VIA KT133 ,
drives on Promise on-board RAID ATA100 ( but raid disabled, using only the simple ATA 100 controller configuration: under "SCSI & RAID Controllers" -> "Windows XP Promise Ultra100 IDE Controller (PDC20265)" )

Please any ideas ???
Thank you


Funny...alot of people don't like having a page file...tell me how you fubared it =) Sorry I can't help you though.

Perris Calderon

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hello pyro

don't get me started..hehe

just in case you're not joking...the page file is the most benign feature you can imagine...dissabling it only causes XP to page in other areas, and with less discretion...it will definitely not speed your box...the bigger the page file the better...(no kidding)


i use this specific pc for professional use , especialy when you work with photoshop and 2+ gigs memory (1gig RAM here) files then its more than obvious how useful is paging ... (without it photoshop will just refuse to let you work with big file sizes) not to mention 3dsmax ....

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