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Loss of Speed After Installing XP Pro


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at bandwidthplace.com, when i still had xp home, i was able to get 3Mb per sec, now, after doing a clean install of XP Pro, i can only get 1.7-1.8. anyone know how to fix this? i 've applied reg. tweaks to speed up my internet connection, but those havn't helped either.

oh, btw, i also use about 100MB more of RAM in xp pro, what are some programs i can disable to free up some resources, since i don't really use the administravtive portions of xp pro.


do you have a firewall?? i had a sygate pro firewall that dramatically dropped my speeds although it was fine at first. also try a program called DRTCP which is good to change your receive window and that helps alot. RAM shouldnt have anything to do with the speed at which you download unless you have 64MB of ram or something and even then i doubt it makes a diff.


whats ur tcp receive window settings? also TCPoptimizer is another program that exists,it can tweak adapters etc...
Thanks for the site information. I'm also running XP Professional and notice slow downs at times. I also noticed when you have more then one user account active on the same pc, it slows down too..


problem is when ur using cable modems, ur sharing bandwith so depending on how many people are connected in ur particular area definitely affects speed. USB is slower than Ethernet and make sure you have the latest firmware upgrades for your modem. how many cable splits do you have before it connects to your modem? it should be split directly from the mainline coming into your house and into the back of your modem. if they tell you it can be split 5 times before it gets to your modem, they are full of $#it. most companies do that so they won't have to run cable the correct way and in turn, screw you and save bandwith. also companies get cheap and will throttle down the bandwith. i personally have optimum online in nyc/nj and it kicks arse in speed!


same thing happened to me and drove me nuts. i couldnt upload anything and im like WTF is wrong, it was uploading at like 21kbps then i disabled sygate firewall and bam it was fast upto 921 kbps. uninstalled it, reinstalled it and slow again so i went to zone alarm and now its fine although i miss my sygate! i think the next time i reformat my drive i'll throw it back and it should be good to go.

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