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looks like some one has ripped your design



hey just thought i'd drop a line to let you know that it looks like someone else loves your new site design so much they have ripped it and are using it as there own. here's the site. http://www.superpet.com.sg/ if this is a public design then forgive me for posting this.


ok, wasn't sure. just wanted to let you know if it wasn't. glad to hear it wasn't ripped.
Thanks for alerting us on this. Like jewelzz has mentioned.. it is open for purchase.

hmm... as for uniqueness - i'm sure all these people who are using the same theme dont have such an awesome member base... or a community like ours :)



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Well about uniqueness. I believe we are getting more skins, and that a *unique* skin is being made..no promises though.


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I still think the blue and white theme from xp-erience.org days should be bought back. Had a much cleaner feel to it....as mentioned before this site now looks more like it should be offering warez for download....way too grim for my liking.

Oh well, that' your decision....the content is still fantastic!!

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