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Looking to get a laptop


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I am looking to buy my first laptop and am looking to get something full featured as a replacement for my desktop. (I am now an long-haul truck driver) I need alot of storage space, wi-fi, good graphics for games, large screen. Can you mobile folks out there shed some light on some good choices?

I have been out of touch for a year and havent been able to keep upto date on the newest, latest, and greatest.


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Need a few details i.e. size/weight preference, cost, features, durability?

There are many options out there :)

Cost is a HUGE thing so let us know. Also battery life is kind of important although you can get an auto/air adapter and you'll be more than set.


The Voices Talk to Me
I would like to keep the cost under $3,000 if I can, I have done some "wishfull" window shopping on Dell, HP, and Alienware, but not really sure if things like intel dual-core, (and whatever AMD's comparable is). Not really worried about weight or size, would like a 19" screen but can deal with a 17". I would like as much speed/ram/and storage space as possible and is usable/practical (ie:the 256mb vid cards that don't really have a performance benifit). Will mainly be surfing web, navigation (streets and trips w/gps), music, and especially games.

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