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Looking for some help...


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Good evening my fellow NTFS users and my fans..

I am looking for some help editing a visual style. I want to change the width of the start menu panel but don't want to download, nor install the software to do so.

What I am wondering is if someone who already has the software wouldn't mind making the change (for private use only). If so, please contact me via AIM (madmatt079) or email (matt@madmatt.net).

Any help/responses is appreciated. Thank you.



Bow Down to the King
Political User
No, the left panel is too small making one of my menu items appear on two lines because it has a long name (Windows Media Player). So I am looking to expand the width of the panel to the same width of the my documents, my music, my pictures, my computer, etc. side of the panel. Know what I mean?

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